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Antarctica camping preparation

Travellers ashore Aitcho Island with penguins in Antarctica

Camping in Antarctica

The Experience

Previous camping experience is not necessary to participate in this activity. However as we are in a ecologically sensitive environment, we ask that members of the group, follow closely the instructions of the expedition leader in respect of our interaction with our surroundings, in order to minimize impacts, and ensure that we at all times, meet and exceed IAATO regulations. In order to ensure that the logistics of the excursion are smooth and efficient, members of the group will be asked to pitch in and help organize the campsite for the evening.

After transiting the Drake passage to the Antarctic peninsula, the Captain and Expedition Leader will confer and decide on an appropriate site to carry out the overnight camping activity. At an opportune time, the group will come together for a briefing by the Expedition Leader, and the Staff members who will accompany the group onshore. A comprehensive review of the proposed activity will include an overview of IAATO rules and regulations, site familiarization, safety orientation, and detailed instructions on logistics of setting up camp. We do not gurarantee a camping excursion on the continent itself. The meeting will also serve to review the risks inherent in the activity.

At this time passengers will also have to submit a signed Liability Waiver Form, that is a requirement for participation.

Camping is restricted to those persons age 18 years and over.

Dinner will be served onboard, eat heartily as there will be no personal snacks allowed onshore as per IAATO regulations. We of course will have emergency rations in the event that our schedule becomes extended as a result of weather conditions. After dinner you will go to your campsite (weather allowing) by zodiac. After setting up camp for the evening, you will have time to explore the nearby area and enjoy the Antarctic evening. A minimum of two Expedition Staff members will accompany you as well as your fellow campers (60 maximum). G Adventures will supply you with comfortable 2‐person tents , insulating mats, minus 20° C sleeping bags, and portable toilet facilities. If you are single, we will make every effort to pair‐up people of like sexes. Your night out will be coordinated by the onboard staff to coincide with an overnight ship stay in the area. Communication with the ship will be maintained throughout the excursion, safety is always our primary objective. Wake up time (if you can sleep!) will be about an hour before breakfast, allowing time to collect and stow our equipment before journeying back to the ship by zodiac. As with all other programs onboard, our primary goal is to experience nature, and leave our site with the minimum of evidence of our adventure under the stars.

Toilet facilities will be rustic at best. We will provide a portable toilet, which participants must use if they feel the call of nature. We must bring all waste human or otherwise generated back to the ship for proper disposal, as per our responsibilities as stewards of this pristine environment. We will endeavor to provide a certain level of privacy, to the best of our ability. We encourage participants to make full use of the restrooms onboard prior to disembarking the ship.

Participants will be expected to participate for the duration of the activity. There will be no shuttle in the night to return to the ship, except in emergencies.

What to Bring

Preparation for this excursion is as you would prepare for a zodiac excursion. We recommend that you prepare for potentially adverse conditions. As you will be in the open air for a good part of the evening, an extra fleece would be handy to have. A hat, gloves or mittens, and extra thick socks are a necessity for a chilly evening, and a good windproof, waterproof parka and pants will keep you extra warm and comfortable for the evening.

Water will be provided, though it would be helpful for you to bring a water bottle, to assist us in minimizing our environmental impacts. As per IAATO regulations we will not provide foodservice onshore. We will however have emergency food rations in the event that conditions delay our scheduled return to the ship.

If you have medication that you need or use, please ensure that you have sufficient quantity to last for at least 36 hours onshore. Passengers must be in good health for this excursion.

What we Supply

We will provide all tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats. Additionally we will have at our disposal a full suite of emergency supplies should the need arise.

Furthermore, we supply an outstanding opportunity to experience the quiet majesty of a cool, open air experience of a lifetime, the sounds, the vistas, the weather, will all be intensified by the crucible of the excursion, not to be missed.