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Your planet in 7 seconds: Peru—Pigeons Have Feelings Too

Playing with pigeons probably wasn't on your list of things to do while traveling, but now it might be - doesn't that look like fun?

by G Adventures Posted on 21 January 2014

Amazing things happen on this big blue planet of ours every day, and when they do, G Adventures is there to capture them. "This is Your Planet in 7 Seconds" is a mini-feature to showcase those wild, weird, and wonderful things. Just give us seven seconds and we'll show you the world!

A few weeks ago, you may have seen Costa Rica -- "Birds, Birds, Birds!" This week we're off to Peru to take the viewpoint of the pigeon as they scream out "humans, humans, humans!"

Getting There

G Adventures runs a number of departures encompassing a wide range of departure dates and activities to cater to different tastes. We’re thrilled at the prospect of showing you this big blue planet of ours — check out our small group trips here.

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