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Packing for an Around the World Adventure: Part 1, the Male Side

Barry and Laura from Worldly Nomads share their packing tips as they prepare to embark on their around the world adventure

by Barry and Laura Posted on 30 May 2012

"On a long journey even a straw weighs heavy." - Spanish proverb

Packing for our trip became pretty easy when we agreed our basic decision making process:

When it is 35 degrees and we’re running for a train/plane/taxi/tuk tuk/elephant, what do we want on our backs?”

Sharpens the mind towards the essentials, doesn’t it? Funnily enough, we found it a lot harder packing for a couple of weeks in Spain than a year long round the world trip. We’d also probably take more to Spain as well, apparently you can never have enough bikinis...

Anyways, we were desperate to take as little as possible with us on our trip, why take stuff that you can buy en route for a fraction of the cost? With that in mind, last weekend we finally completed our backpacking packing list, and we’re delighted. Not only are we taking sensible backpacks, we’ve also chucked out an incredible amount of stuff from our flat for a year (the guitar hero drum kit survived by the skin of its drums).

So what are we taking? We’ve got two lists, one for Barry (male backpacking packing list) and Laura (female backpacking packing list). First up, Barry! A quick note to say that somehow Barry has been persuaded to carry the small carry on bag for planes which will be where we store our electronic items, thus the electronic items in this list are for two people! Read on for his comprehensive backpacking packing list!

Backpacks for our around the world adventure

Backpacks for our around the world adventure



  • 60 litre backpack

  • 18 litre back pack (day use & carry on)


  • Flip flops

  • Light trainers

  • Walking trainers


  • Underwear x 10 (decided against the pants you can wear for six weeks!)

  • Trainer socks x 5 (hoping to keep my feet free and easy for most of the trip!)

  • Wool socks x 2 (for Antarctica and other cold places)

  • 2 x trousers (with zip to turn into shorts – multitasking at its finest)

  • 1 x jeans (for those rare times when I actually need to get dressed)

  • 3 x Shorts

  • 1 x swimming shorts

  • 2 x long sleeve top (save on sunscreen for arms with these bad boys!)

  • 5 x t shirts

  • 1 x shirt (with collar for when we’re invited to a posh event – happens all the time right?)

  • 2 x polo shirt

  • 1 x fleece top / zipper (hoping won’t have to use this, otherwise I’d have stayed in the UK)

  • Waterproof jacket (ditto)

  • Sunglasses (think Tom Cruise from Top Gun)

  • Hat (if I can find one that fits my massive skull)

Electronics for our around the world adventure

Electronics for our around the world adventure


  • 15 inch MacBook Pro Laptop (for work, blogging and keeping in touch)

  • 2 x Kindle (erm, for reading books)

  • Nikon D3000 DSLR (erm, for taking photos)

  • Camera carry case

  • iPhone (for quick internet access, photos, skype and messaging home)

  • Spare camera battery

  • Rocket blower (to clean lens of dust, sand and other exotic materials)

  • Compact digital camera (for times when we don’t have our other camera with us)

  • Sony HD Video Camera (with case)

  • Camera tripod & bag (this we debated for ages but decided to go with a small, lightweight, cheap tripod that we can get rid of if we get sick of it!)

  • Gorilla Pod (for those kodak moments of the two of us)

  • Headphone splitter (to watch DVD’s together on laptop / listen to same music (unlikely))

  • 2 x Adapter (to charge all this equipment)

  • Memory card (SanDisk Extreme 20MB/s 8 GB)

  • Camera, phone, kindle and video battery chargers


  • Crystal Deodorant rock (lasts forever apparently)

  • Razor (I want to grow a beard but Laura is having none of it)

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Hair wax (it doesn’t naturally stick up you know)

  • Moisturizer (giving away my beauty secrets now aren’t I?)

  • Shower Gel


  • Passports (and photocopies)

  • Passport photographs (for visas)

  • Photocopy of passport

  • Credit Card (with free cash withdrawals abroad – main source of cash with direct debit set up to pay off balance each month)

  • Credit Card (for purchases and backup)

  • Current account (for cash withdrawals with small amount of cash in as a further back up)

  • Flight confirmations

  • Money belt

  • Proof of vaccinations

  • Drivers license (for our New Zealand, Australian and North America road trips!)

  • 2 x head torch (very necessary for men when you need to go in the dark – think about it)

  • Door stop (to wedge under the door from the inside to offer some degree of security if someone attempts to enter whilst we’re sleeping)

  • Spoon/fork/knife in one (simply couldn’t resist buying these)

Useful things

  • Silk travel sheet (for dodgy looking mattresses and sheets)

  • Duct tape (will fix everything)

  • Sunscreen (very important for my pasty skin)

  • Clothesline and safety pins

  • Combination lock (rather than a key padlock which we could lose)

  • Compression pack (to reduce the size of our clothes in our bags)

  • Sleeping mask

  • Ear plugs

  • Travel pillow

  • Clip for backpack

  • Small waterproof bag (for electronics)

  • Travel towel

Online Clever Things

  • Spotify premium account (£15 a month for a constant stream of new music which we can download onto our laptop/iPhones. Friends can also share playlists with us to keep us up to date)

  • Photobucket pro account (£20 a year to store photos and videos)

  • Prey for mac (to catch any nasty person who decides to steal our laptop)

  • Skype on laptop and iPhones

  • Twitter account - Worldly Nomads

  • WhatsApp messenger for iPhone (great app that you can group message friends for free over wifi)


  • Malarone malaria tablets

  • First aid kit

So thats it, all of my worldly possessions for a year! What do you think? Anything we’ve missed or recommendations let us know in the comments below!

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