Whether rolling river, sparkling sea or ocean teeming with life, there can be no doubt that water serves as a truly stunning subject. From the aquatic creatures of the Galápagos to the rainbow lights of a city harbour and the bliss of a secluded Peruvian oasis, join our travellers as they take on the world's waves.

The emerald waters of the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand, wonderfully captured by traveller @jillianosaurus.

The secluded oasis of Huacachina, Peru, brilliantly captured by @elard_photography. Local legend says the lagoon was formed from the bath water of a native princess. Interrupted while bathing by a young hunter, she fled. Her flowing mantle became the surrounding sands as she dove into the newly-created waters to live as a mermaid, where she still resides.

A turtle swims through the blue waters of the Galápagos. Regram from #gadv traveller @racheljaynet.

@timmo_mas and his #gadv group take a swim in the refreshing waters of the Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador.

Regram from @ste_irl, who captured this shot of the glowing Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Opera Bar.

The many shades of the Mediterranean, snapped by our own @stephanpopescu.

Thanks to all our travellers who submitted their @gadventures on Instagram for even more!

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