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G-Rewind: March 29, 2012

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the G-Rewind. Each week we will take a look back at some of the more memorable items we saw while browsing the interwebs. From Twitter to Facebook to the blogosphere, we’ll pick our favourites and post them here

by G Adventures Posted on 29 March 2012

Photo by Kirsten Alana


Another week, another rewind. This is where we look back at the last week or so in travel on social media and in the ever so lovely blogosphere. Want to be featured here or bring something cool to our attention? Drop us an email at or tweet @gAdventures the link with hashtag #gadv attached. Let's get into it...

  • Travel photographer Kirsten Alana will be featured right here next week in a special 'One on One' interview. Her work is always great and recently she took a trip to Costa Rica, which included sleeping in the rain forest. What did Kirsten think of that experience? Click here and also prepare to gaze at her amazing pictures taken on this adventure.

  • Anyone familiar with the world of travel blogging knows the name 'Nomadic Matt.' As one of the first true travel blogs to hit the internet, Matt packed his bags five years ago and head out to explore this beautiful planet. But all good things come to an end and Matt now finds himself ending the extended getaway and explains why in a post called This is Where This Journey Ends. A good read from one of our fellow Wanderers in Residence members. Did you know? Matt got the itch to travel from taking a G Adventures tour!

  • It is something that plagues millions of adventure seekers. You probably know someone...or you may suffer from it yourself. No, not being a fan of Justin Bieber, but the fear of traveling! Over at Vagabondish they provide some great tips on how to overcome the fear of traveling. There is just too much to see out there. Don't put it off another minute.

  • Speaking of getting out there and traveling. Gary Arndt gives us the top 10 reasons to travel condensed down into 1. What is the #1 reason to travel? Clicky the link to find out.

Other good reads this week include:

Finally, our Twitter “must follow” of the week goes to one of our own. We have so many amazing tour leaders at G Adventures. We like to call them our CEOs (Chief Experience Officers). Many tweet daily and one that does it more often than most is Dushyant. Not only does he tweet often, he tweets amazing pictures along the way on G Adventures tours. So follow him @g_dushyant and let him inspire you to travel with us via his tweets!

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