Whether you’ve long had South Africa on your bucket list or don’t know anything about the southernmost country on the African content, there’s surely a reason why you ought to visit —?no matter your travel style. Can’t think of one? Here are five:

1. Wine tasting outside Cape Town

When you think of the world’s great wine regions, countries such as Italy and France may be top of mind. But due to its climate and geography, South Africa also produces some of the world’s best vintages. Many of our South Africa itineraries offer optional wine tours just outside of South Africa —?trust us, it’s worth the day trip.

2. Discover the Cango Caves

The remarkable Cango Caves, located below Precambrian limestone foothills near Oudtshoorn, need to be seen to be understood for their odd majesty. Walking through them, you may spot prehistoric cave paintings, but even if you don’t, the rock and limestone formations are truly a sight to behold.

3. Take a wildlife walk in Kruger National Park

Adventure travel in South Africa doesn’t have to mean breaking a serious sweat. Embark on a wildlife walk in Kruger National Park with a trained guide, and take your chances at spotting some of Africa's most famous wild animals.

4. Go shark diving

Getting up close and personal with a Great White takes nerves of steel, even if you are protected in a cage made of literal steel. On some of our South Africa tours, our partners at Apex Shark Expeditions offer you the opportunity to encounter these sharks responsibly and sustainably; they’ll also explain why Great White conservation is important.

G Adventures travellers participate in a painting workshop at the Khwa ttu San Cultural Centre.

G Adventures travellers participate in a painting workshop at the Khwa ttu San Cultural Centre.


5. Visit the Khwa ttu San Cultural Centre

The ancestors of the San people of South Africa are some of the earliest inhabitants of the region, but —?like many other Indigenous communities worldwide — the livelihood of today’s San is increasingly under threat. The Planeterra Foundation’s Khwa ttu San Cultural Centre educates travellers about the history of the San and the challenges they face today while working to ensure the preservation of the San people’s culture and way of life.

Getting there

Ready to check visit South Africa? G Adventures can get you there. Check out our small group tours to South Africa here.

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