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2014 Photography Tour in South Africa

Let's get the who, where, why and how of our beloved Wanderer in Residence, Gary Arndt.

by G Adventures Posted on 13 January 2014

G Adventures invites you to improve your photography skills in one of the world's most inspiring settings with the guidance of Wander-in-Residence Gary Arndt. Learn tips and techniques while capturing the diversity of South Africa through your viewfinder. In co-operation with Gary Arndt — the world's most read travel blogger — G Adventures is pleased to present a very special departure of its 'Cape, Rails & Kruger Quest' this May. Reserve a space on this very special departure today.

I can name every country on Earth in 10 minutes. Go ahead, try me.


Who is Gary?

My name is Gary Arndt and I have been traveling around the world since March 2007 when I sold my home and put my possessions in storage. I am the guy behind the award winning travel blog, Everything Everywhere.

I don't have any permanent home and have been perpetually traveling for the last six years. I'm a self taught photographer who has gone from not knowing my aperture from my ISO to having won several major travel photography awards.

How Did I Get Here?

Prior to my career as a traveler I ran a consulting firm that I sold back in 1998. After selling it I started a few other companies and eventually returned to school to study geology and geophysics. I reached a point where I didn't know what to do with my life, so I figured I would take a year or two to travel around the world. That 1-2 years has now turned into 6 with no end in sight.

Since then I've been traveling the world, exploring new places and experiencing all the world has to offer. Just a small list of some of the things I've done during the last six and a half years of traveling around the world:

  • Gone dog sledding in the Canadian Yukon

  • Bungee jumped in New Zealand

  • Floated in the Dead Sea

  • Crossed the arctic circle by car

  • Experienced the Thai New Year (Songkran) in Bangkok

  • Rode in a Formula 1 car at 180mpg (300kph) in Spain

  • Been in the water with great white sharks in South Africa

  • Dove in the ruins of the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt

  • Me and village kids on Rennell in the Solomon Islands

  • Had an entire remote white sand beach to myself in Fiji

  • Swam with whale sharks in Australia

  • Been spelunking in Borneo

  • Rode the world’s highest zip line in Puerto Rico

  • Rode out a tsunami in Hawaii

  • Visited an active war zone in Cambodia

  • Resisted the temptation to take a $5,000,000 moon rock in the Solomon Islands

  • Been kicked out of the nation of Kiribati

  • Experienced Holy Week in Jerusalem

  • Got caught in the middle of a political protest in Thailand

  • Swam with jellyfish in Palau

  • Visited many of the greatest museums on Earth

Some other things about me:

* I am part owner of the Green Bay Packers

* I have three dimples

* I have an amateur radio license and am a certified SCUBA rescue diver.

Where I Have Been?

, but in many ways I feel like I haven't really been anywhere yet.

Hanging out with some friends at Easter Island.

Hanging out with some friends at Easter Island.


I am a member of Traveler's Century Club (TCC) which recognizes people who have visited at least 100 of the 321 countries and territories on the TCC list of places. I have currently visited 145 of the locations on the TCC and 90 United Nations member states. I have also

I am also a big fan of UNESCO World Heritage sites. I usually go out of my way to visit world heritage sites that are anywhere near where I'll be traveling. To day I have visited 255 world heritage sites on six different continents (there are none in Antarctica).

I usually travel to about two dozen countries and territories per year. This year I'll end up visiting over 40 because of a recent trip I made to the Caribbean where I visited a bunch of small islands.

Where have I been with G Adventures?

I have been on four tours with G Adventures as regular traveler They have taken me to four different continents:

I have also run two photography tours with G Adventures which follow the route of the following tours:

I will also be traveling with G in 2014 on one one of my greatest adventures yet! Sailing on the M/S Expedition up the west coast of Africa!

I will also been announcing my 2014 travel photography tour soon and will certainly be going on some other G tours in the near future as well.

Arctic Circle with G Adventures.

At the Arctic Circle. Just another day at the office.

My Best Travel Story

Why G Adventures?

I get contacted by travel companies all over the world every single day. Almost all of them offer up the same bland tours to the same places. The moment you pick up a G Adventures catalog you know that the company is something special:

  • The people like to have fun. Check out any of the many videos produced by G Adventures. They are unlike anything you'll see from any other company, travel or otherwise.

  • Commitment to sustainable tourism. This concept is embedded into the DNA of the company. As a professional traveler, I've experienced every matter of travel available. I've been on cruise ships and have been to all inclusive resorts. G Adventures gets it right. This is how traveling should be done.

  • Insanely high customer loyalty. Customer reviews of G tours are so high, it is mathematically difficult for them to get much higher. Most of the tours I've been on had a majority of people who had been on previous G tours. One of the reasons the company keeps growing is because so many travelers come back and tell their friends about it.

  • Amazing amount of travel diversity. G tours have something for everyone. If you are a novice traveler, they can take you to places in North America or Europe. If you are a more experienced traveler like myself, they can take to you Antarctica or Bhutan. G Adventures visits over 100 countries that number keeps climbing every year.

  • Community involvement. The community projects that G is involved with aren't just things they do on the side, they are critical components to what G is all about. At every level of the company, G is involved in making their community and the world, a better place.

Getting There

G Adventures runs a number of departures in South Africa encompassing a wide range of departure dates and activities to cater to different tastes. We’re thrilled at the prospect of showing you this big blue planet of ours — check out our small group trips here.

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